About Polisys

Thirteen years ago Polisys captured an important share of the competitive Brazilian IT market when they developed a software process that offers their clients a world-class experience, devoting a great deal of effort to ensure that the introduced solutions are reached promptly

The creation of a successful partnership with clients and staff allows Polisys to rely on the best software engineers in the market. This unique condition has made Polisys the IT company with the best technical staff in the Brazilian market.

This is so not only because of its portfolio, which includes clients from the public sector in both the federal and state spheres, but also due to its mps BR F level certification, awarded to the company for their agreeable working atmosphere and solid partnerships with clients and professionals in the field


  • ...We’d like to thank you for your professionalism, skill, proactive approach and commitment to the development of SISREI...
    Claudson Moreira
    General Coordinator of Asset Regulation, Substitute d Director at the Federal Properties Management Office/Ministry of Planning and Budget
  • A long-lasting successful partnership, which enabled the development and growth of my enterprise and made it possible to run it from wherever I am. We work far into the countryside in the field of land division and civil engineering.
    Maria Goretti
    Finance Director at PLANAHP