Products and Services

Contract by function point

We have a qualified team to work on function point and use measurement techniques to support the process of development and structuring of the services provided. We are, therefore, prepared to estimate services at early stages, as well as provide precise detailed measurement, which can be audited and assessed.
Our technical staff is BFPUG certified (Brazilian Function Point Users Group) and trained to establish specific agreements for measuring, which given our experience in the field mitigates any future problems with discrepancies in the auditing of the function point. This, together with indicators of performance, quality standards, control and monitoring, allows the company to provide services that reach high levels of performance, organization and efficiency.

Coorporate Systems Development

Working with integrated systems, offering the organization SSO solutions (Single Sign-On) through a single communication portal, consolidating internet and intranet in one single channel, offering digital signatures for administrative actions, allowing optimal manipulation of terabytes of documents through their systems, enabling thousands of people to have high speed access to the digital services offered, making sure that computer servers operate throughout the year without the need for administration, offering automated tests, offering implementation and systems manuals, working with major database servers, creating applications that can be audited and allow maintenance, providing technical support e guarantee for the delivered solutions, migrating data, providing exposure and consumption of services in the cloud. This is corporate systems development.

Quality in Sotware Development

In 2012, owing to their continuous effort to improve and grow in the field of software development, and displaying a distinguished competitive approach in the IT market, Polisys Informática was awarded an MPs BR certification, which is officially recognized by the Federal Government as guarantee of quality and used to hire companies with professional maturity and expertise in the process of software development. The mps BR program is run by SOFTEX, conforms with the international regulations established by ISO/ICE 12207 and 15504, is compatible with the CMMI model – Capability Maturity Model Integration – and adopts the best software engineering practices.

Software Factory

Aiming at improving their clients’ organizational processes, Polisys stands out as a company whose service standards enable the effective implementation of the required solution, which consequently maximizes client loyalty.
Having matured over the years, today Polisys can provide visibility and control of the whole development process. This includes monitoring and giving support from the start-up, measuring and sizing services; providing technical solutions and alternatives to the current demand, and also legal business feasibility. The company also meets delivery deadlines, keeping high quality standards and respecting the agreements signed.